My first book series, the Under the Blood Moon trilogy, may be fiction but the setting is real. How to Date Dead Guys (Book One) opens on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus.

The Chippewa River that takes Mike Carlson away and gives the unexpected back is real.

It is both beautiful and treacherous, just as the metal sign posted on the campus bridge warns.

The bridge Emma stands on to perform her spell truly exists.

As do the woods she haunts, trying to find peace.

But it is the river she fights the most.
The beautiful river that lured her to this campus in the first place.


  1. I remember those sights well as a former UWEC theater major. Walked that bridge DAILY! Then I got to trek across it and back up the hill for dance classes within 10 mns. Ah, the memories!!! I loved your setting!

    1. How about the stairs up to the athletic facilities? Pretty but strenuous--plus icy in winter--yikes!