Saturday, November 23, 2013


I hope you're all looking forward to Thanksgiving as much as I am.  A day off of work (hopefully), special time with family and friends, and perhaps the best eats of the year.

This little guy is ready... Are you?

What could be the harm in that? 
The trouble with Thanksgiving is this guy right here, just hoping to sneak a bite, or two, or three, or twenty...

Remember, now, Miss Piggy says not to eat anything bigger than your head.

Here's an article I wrote for the local newspaper in the hopes of keeping the furriest members of the household safe (and, no, I don't mean your Uncle Ralph with that bad case of back hair):

Following these guidelines can help avoid a trip to the veterinary hospital with a sick pet.

So carve the turkey, serve up the pie, and count your blessings this Thanksgiving. 

And watch out for this cat...

P.S.  I'm all grown up now.  I have a publishing contract, a Good Reads page, and a Facebook author page.  Feel free to visit:!/AnnMNoser

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