Saturday, December 14, 2013


I've been a busy girl.
I have articles in two magazines and one newspaper, all in one week.
Unfortunately, now I've set a precedent for myself:  can I do this again?

But for now, let's just enjoy the three articles listed below.

1) Don't forget your pets during this upcoming holiday season. Here's an article to help keep them safe:

2) Worried about putting on those holiday pounds? Here's an article to help you stay healthy while running, entitled RUNNER, HEAL THYSELF for RUNMINNESOTA magazine:

3) By far the most personal is the story I wrote for the WAGAZINE about my father and his dog, Melon Head. (entitled MELON HEAD, RESCUING A DOG WHO RESCUED MY DAD)

(If you click on the cover of the magazine at this site, it will allow you to read the magazine. My article is on pgs. 24-25)

I hope you enjoy what I've written. Currently, I'm finishing up first round edits for HOW TO DATE DEAD GUYS for publication next summer. Please wish me luck and have a nice weekend!

- Ann

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