Monday, January 27, 2014


DARK PLACES, a review

I want to know, want to know, really really want to know (okay now I'm just mimicking Lyle from the book) how does GILLIAN FLYNN make me care so much about characters I don't even like?

good and creepy

I really didn't like Libby Day--at first. She's a shoplifter, pick-pocketer, and feels so darn sorry for herself. She's exhausted with life, and makes me want to give her a spanking. Afterwards I'd probably make her a sandwich or something, because I'd feel bad about it, but still--she needs a good spanking. Do something with your life, woman!

I realize I'm supposed to feel sorry for her. Her family was viciously murdered, and she helped put her older brother in jail for the horrific crime. But I can't excuse just how apathetic she is. It's weird how it happens, but I'm so glad when someone gives her a mission in life: find out if your brother really did it, and--if not--then who did?

At this point in the book, Libby just comes to life, and I start to like--even admire--her. Weird. Where did that come from?
SUCH A WHIRLWIND. Yes, fine, it's all caps. And it should be. Putting down this book is like coming up for air, almost painful at times. You just want to read. More. Faster and faster and faster. And then it's kind of relief when it's over because--at least for me--I feel rather guilty when I get so into a book because I might sort of neglect my family a little bit. (Laundry? What's that? Sure, you can play video games. What do you mean you want supper?)

Gillian Flynn, you are the coolest.
If I was 12, I'd join your fan club.
Then again, maybe I shouldn't be reading your books if I was 12.

For the record, I'm much more satisfied with the ending of this book than with GONE GIRL (even though I think that book is kick-ass as well--the ending just confused me).

I think Gillian Flynn is amazing. A crazy-good writer. And maybe just a little insane. (awkward grimace)

This is me. Well-read. Dangerous.
Okay, maybe not as dangerous as Gillian Flynn.

And I can't wait to see the movie. I envision some dark music in the back ground, sort of a Nine Inch Nails feel to it. But I kind of hope they downplay some scenes, or at least do them off screen. (if you've read this, you can probably guess what I'm talking about, and if you haven't I certainly don't want to spoil things for you.. so go find out for yourself)

So looking forward to this. 


  1. I personally want to stay far from Gillian Flynn's brain. She scares me worse that Stephen King. I have yet to read something of hers that didn't leave me emotionally scarred. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like it... but still.

    1. At first I chuckled when I read this...and then I had a flashback to high school, when I got so scared I actually threw a Steven King book across the room. Now I'm afraid to read Sharp Objects. Bummer.

    2. Sharp Objects is, I think, the least disturbing. It at least has a satisfactory, if depressing, ending.