Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Just received my FINAL proofs, galleys, whatever you want to call them for HOW TO DATE DEAD GUYS!!!

Yes, this deserves three exclamation points. Be prepared for more of them, for I predict a liberal sprinkling of such punctuation tonight.

I'm even feeling so generous that I CARRIED a spider outside, instead of smushing its guts out in a Kleenex (but if it dares to come back inside, it's dead meat, man...). That's not my typical style. I may be a pick-up-worms-off-the-road-after-rainstorms kind of girl, but spiders don't usually see my gentle side.

Enough about spiders and worms. Let's talk about the book again.
All the edits look good.
We'll be sending out more ARCs (advanced reader copies) in the hopes of gathering more book reviews before the big day.

For me, this is big. Really BIG. (Not really about fish, but I love this movie and book, so I'm making this image work for me. And I hope you pick up this movie sometime--what a gem. Kind of a weird gem, but beautiful nonetheless.)

June 2nd is the book cover release date, but my son is more excited about the last day of school, a few days after that.

Sing with with me, Miss Piggy, "School's out for summer!"

July 15th is the date my words will be out there in the world, for all to see. I sure hope Emma makes some new friends. (She's going to need them, after what I put her through...)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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