Sunday, August 23, 2015


Have you lost anyone to cancer? My father, Jerry Anderson, fought chronic lymphocytic leukemia for many years before he passed away six years ago this October.

After a 3 year hiatus, I'm back with Team In Training - MN Chapter in an effort to raise funds to fight the types of blood cancers that weakened my father.

My fundraising goals:
1) To raise $2,500 to fight cancer
2) To finish the 50k at Surf the Murf on October 24th, 2015
3) To donate 25% of the proceeds of my next book, also released in October of this year, to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Dad Cheating on Mom’s Diets by Eating at Dairy Queen on the Way Home from Work and then Mom Complaining that Dad was losing more Weight than She Was (Ann’s memory)

“If you could sleep through class and still get an ‘A’ like Jerry Anderson, I’d let you sleep too…” (a college professor)

Spilling a Full Glass of Water on Dolores on their First Date on a Really Cold Winter Night

Wearing Hair Grease on his Honeymoon with Dolores and Attracting a Large Number of Insects to his Head

Taking my Hand to Help me Cross the Street as a small Child and Taking me Down with Him as he Fell (Ann’s memory)

Grandma Pernot’s Old Yellow Mansion where Dad rented an Apartment by Campus

Reading Little House on the Prairie Books to Me before Bed (Ann’s memory)

Working Out Physics Problems on Restaurant Paper Napkins

His One Beer a Year Rule

“That’s for the birds” (Jerry-ism)

“Cards or Bed” (Jerry’s Grandma to the kids)

Coffee (Jerry’s primary fluid intake)

“Wasn’t Worth a Hill of Beans” (Jerry-ism)

Me Taking my Father Pants Shopping and Him Expanding his Gut with Air in an Effort to make Everything Look Too Tight (Ann’s memory)

Jerry Failing his Military Physical Exam and Being Told to get Out of the Pool “Before he Drowned”  (when swimming was the one thing that Dad thought he wouldn’t embarrass himself doing)

Hardware Stores, Pocket Protectors, Old Blue Striped Sweatshirt, Crossword Puzzles, Picture Puzzles, Band Concerts, Mini Van, Ping-Pong, Quadratic Formula, E=mc2  V=IR, Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate, Graham Crackers, Mechanical Pencils, Slide Projector, Tape Measure, Tool Bench, Volt Meter, UWEC Physics Department, State Parks, Popcorn, Yatzee, Rack-O, chess, Chinese checkers, Red-checkered shirts, Colorado Mountains, Ceylon, MN, Duct Tape, The Sound of Music, Lawrence Welk Show, “Doggie Melon”, Full Moon, Tinkering in The Basement, Fall Colors, Christmas Lights, Ave Maria 

***To contribute and really make a difference, visit my FUNDRAISING PAGE.***

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