Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I've been neglecting my lovely #Writing Wednesdays...

But now I have much to share.

First week of February highlights:

1) I finished work on the first round edits for my upcoming fairy tale. (I'm excited about this one!)

2) Ever since Christmas, I've been cleaning a lot (too bad the house isn't spotless because of it). In a crowded cupboard, I discovered some old poems, which I posted on the POETRY PAGE OF MY BLOG. I'm a bit disappointed that I lost (or threw away--I'm big on throwing things away) a poem I wrote YEARS ago as a joke called My Mom's in Love with her New Vacuum Cleaner. Because fate likes to play tricks, I myself have recently fallen in love with our new vacuum cleaner (which reminded me of the long-lost poem).

3) (special add-on) Check out my author interview on AUTHOR JENNIFER LOISKE'S WEBSITE.

Some January highlights:

1) Dead Girl Running was featured as an UNDERRATED BOOK ON BENJAMIN OF TOMES YOU TUBE VIDEO.

2) My monthly contribution to YAtopia blog - WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW - Yes or No?

3) Proof-read the final version of How to Ditch Dead Guys. Just waiting on the book cover and ARC. Actually, Curiosity Quills plans to redo the entire series, so soon (very soon, I hope) I'll have TWO book cover reveals to show you.

Tomorrow is the second #Pit2Pub Twitter Pitch Party!
(In case you're wondering what else I've been doing with all my time...)
Check out all the details HERE.


  1. Congrats on YouTube feature and the new covers! Sounds like a fairly productive January. :) I throw so much stuff away.. I hope I don't get reminded of something I did because that would just make me sad :(

    1. I am rather annoyed with myself for throwing that poem away...