Saturday, June 14, 2014


There are many beautiful places in China.

The manufacturing plants that make these toxic treats are not so pretty.

After treating a recent case of severe illness caused by tainted dog treats made in China, I got so upset I wrote yet another article for the local newspaper on this topic. I won't stop talking about it until the FDA finally issues a recall (which will never happen) or until everyone in America knows about it (which is also unlikely).

So I guess that means I'll never stop talking...

And for the writers of ignorant comments at the bottom of similar articles, this IS A REAL THING. I'm only one veterinarian, and I've treated at least two to three cases. Two cases where I'm positive the treats are fully to blame for each pet's severe illness, and one where there were other factors involved, but eating the treats made the pet much worse.

There are approximately 60,000 employed veterinarians in the United States. One veterinarian has openly discussed his battle with at least a dozen cases of Faconi syndrome caused by eating these treats. Doing the math, I suspect the FDA's listed stats as 1,000 pet deaths and 5,000 cases of pet illness are far too low. However, 6,000 cases of sickness should be enough to warrant the recall that never comes.

PLEASE don't feed your pets anything MADE IN CHINA. Note that "distributed by" is not the same thing as "made in".

More details in the article below:

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