Friday, July 4, 2014


My whole life, I've been a voracious reader. Lately, I've been so busy writing, that the only problem was that my partially read book pile was starting to topple over. I kept getting interrupted, then losing track of where I was in the book.

After accomplishing several writing tasks, I let myself have a well-deserved "reading break".

The only problem was that I wasn't happy with any of the books I picked up. I started to wonder if the issue was with ME and not the book in my hand.

Confession: I didn't finish the last 3 books I picked up. I won't review them, because that's not necessary. I know how much work it is to write something, and I don't enjoy saying negative things about anyone else. So I'll only write reviews for books I like.

It was such a relief to pick up DESTRUCTION by Sharon Bayliss.

From my GoodReads Review:


Potential readers should realize (and will pick up on this right away) that this is not a YA paranormal story. I'm not sure why I thought this. Was it something about the lovely cover? Or did the mere mention of wizards and witchcraft send me straight to Harry Potter land? I don't know. But this novel is gritty and determined. Infidelity, abuse, discovery, and disappointment fill the pages.

I've never seen witchcraft combined with a family drama in this way. What a fabulous idea! Why should only teenagers have all the fun? This is a really unique way to write about witchcraft. Of course, I've read Alice Hoffman who combines adults with magic, but this felt very different.

The writing, descriptions, characters, and pacing were spot on.

The ending left me wanting more. Thank goodness it's the first book in a series. I hope to learn more about the character Rachel in the second book in the series. I feel there is so much more to her than one would think.

All the characters seemed real. They acted and reacted. They were both good and bad. I had no trouble jumping from character to character as the POV changed. Patrick was my favorite. He had the purest soul. Plus, he's the only one who reacted as he should've to the one issue I point out below.

Potentially spoilerish comment below: (don't read if you don't want to know)

The only person I shook my head at was David. Actually, I wanted to shake him at times. His poor wife. I tried to blame his lying, hiding, and cowardice on his addled brain (which his wife messed with years before), but his inability to take rape and abuse as more serious matters than he does, that I have a hard time forgiving. This character fault is likely intentional, but doesn't make him very likable when he cares so much more for the rapist than the victim. I realize why he cares, and I personally might be considered over-senstive on the subject of rape, but I couldn't help feel the victim was hurt much more than once, and betrayed by more than just her attacker.

But that was my ONLY issue. And, as I've said, I am oversensitive on that subject. So I am biased.

Otherwise, I loved every single thing about this book. I really want to know where the author is going with this series. I'd also like more details on a death near the end of the book. (I'll say no more on that. Don't want to be too over spoilerish.)

Highly recommended read! Cheers!


  1. Gads, Ann I am up to me ears in books and this sounds so darn good. You had me at the Potter references!

  2. As I said above, I was so happy to fall into this book. I really needed something that kept me turning the pages.

    And I totally know what you mean about uncontrollable TBR piles. Gah!