Friday, October 31, 2014

What have I been up to?

I've been reading.

Personally, I like both.
A page turner.

One would think that changing the POV would be a be no-no.
I disagree. I am in the group of readers who preferred the second to the first book.

In the middle of this one.
I get to meet the author next month!

I've been writing.

Wrote an article on running with dogs for this magazine.
The current title is RUNNING DOGGY STYLE.
Not sure they will keep that! :)

Submitted a poem which will be published next month in this paper.
It's about Alzheimer's disease--which appears to be the only topic I write poetry about, nowadays.

I've been watching.

Best. Movie. Ever.
Introduced both kids to it this time around.

I've been written about. 

Last weekend, there was a lovely article on HOW TO DATE DEAD GUYS in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram newspaper:

Last night, I had a fabulous book signing at the Local Store, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

No, the book signing wasn't on the Chippewa River bridge.
I just forgot to take even ONE SINGLE PICTURE
because I was too busy chatting with people.
I used to be quiet--now I can't stop talking.

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