Saturday, December 27, 2014


Have you been busy?

Yeah. Me, too.
Here's an actual photo of our home.

Clean-up in aisle 10!

We had a similar problem.
Or else it was the kitty...BUT Charlie's not talking...

Writing-wise, I've been busy with beta-reading other authors' works (some good stuff here, I tell ya) and I'm RELIEVED to say I've FINALLY started book 3 of the Under the Blood Moon series.

Yes, How to DESTROY Dead Guys is in progress!
Here's a glimpse into what's coming...

This is NOT my pet.

This is NOT a bowling ball.

In other writing, a poem I wrote when my mother (who has Alzheimer's) was being moved into Hospice care was published in the local paper:

The rest of the story is that Mom started improving, and is still (sort of) with us. But only physically. However, this is a long, sad story for another time. If you have a moment, if you could just pray or think positive thoughts (whatever your preference) for all those patients suffering from this and similar diseases that they will pass peacefully (because that's as good as it can get from some point on--that's the depressing reality of the situation, so might as well face it).

On a less somber note, I awoke today to find--

3+ inches of snow on the ground (I love snow)

along with 2 fun surprises in my electronic in-box--

1) an interview:


2) a very positive, 4-star review on a popular book blog:

So Happy Birthday/Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays to me! :)

P.S. (added a few hours later)

And, to add the cherry on top, I just received notice of earning a spot on Caffeinated's Top Ten list for 2014 New Adult:

This reminded me I'd been fortunate enough to make another blog's Top Five list overall for 2014:

I am so very lucky and happy right now!
To celebrate, it's time for some happy puppy pictures (yes, that's sweaty me after a race with Daphne last year--she loves to run as much as I do, thank goodness).

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