Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hope your weekend has been as good as mine.
The weather is great.
I went for a couple pleasant runs with my running partners (both human and canine).
Daphne (pictured below) really loves running.
I've no idea why she looks so sad in this picture.

Thankfully, the weather today looks more brown-green than white.

This week, I finished editing part one of the fairy tale, and started work on part two.
I finished reading a good book, and now am struggling with the Kindle to get two more books to properly load (one is an advanced reader copy book review, the other is a beta read--both from authors I've read and enjoyed before--the only part I don't enjoy is how stupid using a Kindle makes me feel--haha).

This week, I'm featured on the The Daily Bookworm blog. Please check out the fun interview posted HERE.

Tomorrow I'll unveil the new book cover for Heather Marie's THE GATEWAY OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

Then check back on Wednesday for a special surprise. 

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