Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Wheelchair Waltz

Once upon a time
I was your daughter
You knew my name

You combed your hair
Your clothes matched (way more than mine)
You drove a car

Back in a fairy tale
Your eyes lit up when you saw me
Now your smile is hesitant, unsure

Broken sentences
Trailed off thoughts
I try to fill in the blanks

You retreat into sleep
Head dropped, breathing slowly
I hate to touch your arm and wake you

Can you still walk in your dreams?
Can you escape this wheelchair?
Is that world more beautiful than this one?

Do you still dream?
Or retreat into a fuzzy nothingness?
Is it wrong to wish you could stay asleep forever?

I'm sorry it's so hard for me to face you.
Each day more difficult to remember who you used to be.

You don't deserve this slow blank death.

Let Go
Let go
Of the sentence you can't finish
Of trying to remember
My name
Where you are
What month it is

Let me help you
Clean your glasses
Comb your hair
Ease into this wheelchair
We're moving you down the hall
You won't have to take any more
Pills you can't swallow
You don't have to eat supper
If you only want juice
We understand
Your weakness is growing stronger
Your eyes are dim
Your mouth is dry

Now it's time
for you to let go
And for me to say good-bye


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. In fact, I'm off to the nursing home now, which breaks my heart a little bit each time I visit. Such is life...