Wednesday, September 30, 2015


- Printed off the revised ARC (advanced reader copy). Now, I just need to check it ONE MORE TIME...
- Waiting on edits for How to Ditch Dead Guys.
- Had some fun last night reading at the local Books & Beer event at LTS (Life's Too Short) Brewing Company (if you must know, I had a ROOT beer).

(modified from Betty Crocker)

-       slow cooker/crock pot
-       takes 35-45 minutes to prepare apples
-       takes 3-4 hours on HIGH for apples to turn to sauce
-       let cool, fill jam jars, and freeze

***Sugarless version (lighter colored):
1)   1.5 cups water
2)   sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg into water
3)   apples to fill crock pot (sliced, cored, cut into chunks)
4)   can add TWO cut up pears to sweeten (but works well with or without pears)

Sweet version (darker colored):
1)   1.5 cups water
2)   ½ cup brown sugar
3)   sprinkle cinnamon
4)   sprinkle nutmeg
5)   cut up apples to fill cooker

***Sugarless version is by far my personal favorite.

***DON'T FALL ASLEEP when the applesauce is almost done. Bad idea. Very bad idea. I MIGHT have done such a thing earlier in the week. Let me tell you this--black applesauce is NOT very good.

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