Tuesday, December 15, 2015


What We're Looking For:

Books with heart. At Blaze, we're not looking for any particular genre. We're looking for a message woven into the words of a well-written, young adult novel. Your message can be inspiring, moving, sad, or make people change the way they view others around them. If you choose to package that up in a fantasy, horror, or sci-fi, so be it! We'd love to take a look at your work, as long as it's complete and between 55,000 and 120,000 words and has been thoroughly edited and polished. While Blaze will consider self-published works, we prefer submissions with fresh content.

How To Submit:

Send the following to Krystal @ queries@blazepub.com:
  1. Query Letter
  2. First three chapters of manuscript (pasted in body of email)
  3. A couple sentences about the message your book contains
  4. Short Author Bio or Experience
  5. Contact Information
**We do not open attachments. All information must be pasted in the body of your email.**
Please allow us six to eight weeks to review your query and get back with you. We will respond to all submissions.

The Blaze Promise:

At Blaze, we believe in a true partnership between the author and the publisher. We want to grow our brands together and have partnered up with hard-hitting booktubers and reviewers.

We promise to provide professional editing, top-notch cover art and interior design, strong, detailed marketing assistance, competitive royalty rates, and much more.

Find more info at the BLAZE PUBLISHING, LLC website.

Keep watching the Black Cat Blog and KRISTIN D. VAN RISSEGHEM'S BLOG for more info on the participating publishers.

Don't forget--the next #Pit2Pub Twitter Pitch Party is

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016!

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