Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Guest Post Topic - My Favorite Author as a Kid - By Shalia Patel

My favorite author as a kid was Carolyn Keene of the Nancy Drew Mysteries. Sure, I read and enjoyed other authors, but no one did for me what Ms. Keene did: she made me obsessed with books—and bookshelves, and libraries, and the smell of books, and illustrations…

I devoured the series and would stand in awe in front of the library shelf where all her books sat. She gave me an escape from the real world, and to this day when I see a series of any type of book lined up on a bookstore or library shelf, I get that giddy little feeling inside that whispers, "Ohhh, the possibilities!"

I may not be writing a children's series that would fill a shelf with all the same color binding, but I do hope that one day I have enough books written that it could fill a shelf somewhere!

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