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1) First off: I read in your interview at Geek Girl Authority ( that you would KILL Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm entirely offended. I'm not sure we can be friends. I ADORE that character. What do you have to say to redeem yourself? Hmmmm?

I have no issues with the self-proclaimed captain but you have to give a bit of context. The question from Geek Girl was a Marry, Kill, F**k question :)  In my defence, although I chose to kill wicked Jack, I did offer to have sex with John Constantine in order to resurrect him. I like Jack Sparrow. He just looks a bit on the grimy side. Give him a bath, cut the hair, maybe clean off some of the eye makeup, and we might get along okay :)

That's pretty intense and deep, Sparrow.

2) Since you enjoy comic books, I'm curious if you have created any of your own?
I haven’t though I’d love to. Although I don’t know that my brain is fully wired that way. Writing a novel and scripting a comic are two different things. I have a good friend who recently scripted his first comic and it’s not an easy thing to do. Plus I’d want a well represented kick-ass heroine and they seem to be few and far between in the comic book world.

3) Did HAVELOCK begin as a romance novel which transformed into action and adventure? I'm afraid I agree with you--I can't write a straight up romance, either. The "other stuff" is just more interesting to me.
Funnily enough, it didn’t. Although there was more of a romance slant in an early draft I felt it was weakening Eliana’s character. Not to say people who are in love are weak, but they might have more of a roadblock when it comes to saving the world. I wanted Eliana to have more focus so the romance was diminished somewhat.

4) What do you miss most about the UK?
The curry. I sh** you not. The UK has the most amazing curries. There’s an Indian takeaway on every corner these days. I also liked the countryside. The rolling hills, the chill dampness of the moors . . . I’ve been watching this season of Penny Dreadful and some of the country scenes remind me of home. However, I don’t know that I’d move back there. Canada is a gorgeous country.

5) Since the very first thing that comes to my mind about Canada is Anne of Green Gables, do you have any plans to visit Prince Edward Island? And will you take me with you (as long as I promise not to fight about Captain Jack Sparrow)?
I’m not entirely sure that you and I would be able to move past our Jack Sparrow disagreement.

(***Ann: hahaha***) 

Apparently, I love Anne of Green Gables more than Jack,
because she gets TWO pictures.

But if we could, I’d be happy to take you to Prince Edward Island. I haven’t been there yet. I’m honestly not well travelled in Canada just yet. I’d love to visit Victoria as I hear it’s a nice, clean, safer version of an English city. I’d also like to see the Rockies and maybe go to Toronto someday.

Just For Fun
1) What's your favorite Spiderman movie series?
The new one! I’m quite upset they’re abandoning Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in favour of a new young cast. I thought they were perfect together. Garfield played a great Peter Parker and Emma Stone was a perfect Gwen. I’m probably in the minority but I despise (that’s right, despise) the Raimi/Toby versions. #2 was okay. #3 was terrible, and #1 was laughable. They just didn’t work for me.

2) Is the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band one of your personal favorites? Or do you just like the Mr. Bojangles song (since you named your cat after it).
I actually didn’t name the cat, a girlfriend of mine did. I just liked the name and ended up looking up the song later. I think I liked the Sammy Davis Jr version the best (he had a lovely voice, and was hilarious in the Cannonball Run) :)

3) Please share a picture of Mr. Bojangles.
Attached. He likes pictures but I try not to take too many. I’m really trying hard not to be a crazy cat person.

4) If you're willing to share--what was the worst date you ever endured?
I’m sure most people would pull a blind date or an internet date for this kind of answer but mine was actually with a friend. You know those friends you have where you share similar tastes, similar sense of humour, there might be more, but do you really want to risk the friendship by going out with them? I agreed to go on a date with someone who I was close to and it was 50 shades of awkward. I don’t recommend it. Leave well enough alone. We’re no longer friends. Not only was it a terrible date, we couldn’t even maintain a friendship after that.

5) Please list your top 5 action movies, in no particular order.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Mr and Mrs Smith
Casino Royal
The Bourne Ultimatum
The Avengers

Author Questions
1) What event would you call your breakthrough as an author?
I would say getting published. I had some short stories published in magazines in the UK when I was younger but actually making a go of it, completing a novel and submitting it to get an agent and get published, that really was an event in itself. Having an agent represent you and having a publisher believe in your work so much that they’re willing to stamp their name on it (thank you, Curiosity Quills Press) is quite something.

2) What do you know now that you wish you knew much earlier on as an author?
I wish I’d known what I should have been writing early on. I fiddled around with romance novels and such because it’s what I thought I should be doing. I encourage people to write what they know, write what they’re passionate about. Don’t write something because you think people will want to read it, write something because you love to write it. 

3) What's the best marketing advice you can give other authors?
I’m still learning this myself but I think some solid basic advice is to embrace social media. It’s like a basic foundation step that everyone needs to create and build on. The whole world revolves around it. Ignoring it as an author is a mistake. I’m late to the game and it’s definitely taking me some time to build up a decent social media presence. Although wonderful interviews like this are definitely helping ;)

Obligatory happy puppy picture because:
1) it's my blog, and
2) you just flattered me :)

4) Name 3 books you wish you'd written (and not just for the money and fame).
Moonraker by Ian Fleming (such a wonderfully tense, action packed book!)
The Bourne Books by Robert Ludlum (because the character would be so much fun to write)
50 Shades of Grey (because I would have written it better. In my version, that girl would have tied him up and kicked his abusive ass)

(***Ann again: hehehe***)

5) List 5 books you loved as a child.
The Twits by Roald Dahl
The Famous Five by Enid Blyton
Not Now Bernard by David McKee
The Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graheme

Jane D Everly was born in Nottingham, England where she developed a
depthless love of fiction. While aspiring to be a romance novelist, she
discovered an edge to her work that was quite unexpected. It appeared that
her love of action and adventure stories would forever prevent her from
writing the stories of sappy romantic entanglements she believed she had
always been meant to write. Instead, heavily influenced by the rise of
geek culture, she began to write stories filled with kick-ass heroines and
villains with delusions of attaining world domination.

Jane relocated to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2013 to pursue her writing

career. She now lives in a beautiful downtown Vancouver apartment with her
cat, Mr Bojangles, and an entire world of espionage and intrigue poised at
her fingertips.

Jane is represented by Mark Gottlieb at the Trident Media Group.

Amazon Link:
Twitter: @janedeverly

Eliana Havelock is a female with no past, whose determination to bring down a Karachi arms dealer catches the attention of the British Secret Intelligence Service. 

MI-6 is currently fractured due to political upheaval with many of its covert programs dissolved or disbanded. When Eliana presents the opportunity to divert an international arms disaster, the head of MI-6 partners her with one of it’s best and brightest, the enigmatic, Connor Blackwell. 

But in a world of secrets and hidden agendas, who can Eliana trust? 

And what, or who, is Eliana really after?

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