Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Another glorious update.

I've joined the YAtopia Blog. My first entry was posted last Saturday and can be read HERE.
(To be honest, so far I've only finished reading Harry Potter, but what a joy it is to read over again.)

I'm still reading:

And just started:

I'm on Benjamin of Tomes To Be Read List! He's a pretty famous book tuber and you can hear him talk a little about my book HERE.

Based on my research reading, I'm feeling rather witchy (as opposed to the word which rhymes with this) today. Plus I love my little eight pound, three legged black cat, so here's two more witchy pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I'm delighted to report that my newest book, Dead Girl Running, is gathering great reviews like this one from MARTHA'S BOOKSHELF.

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