Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Welcome to my Wednesday.
It's been another busy week.

I'm reading (done? nope, not done yet, but soon) with rereading Harry Potter and The Real Witches' Handbook. (If you read that too fast, it sounds like one book, but it's not--unfortunately.)

After much delay, I've once again begun writing Pet Vet articles for the local newspaper. This time around, the topics are xylitol and rat poison toxicity (such happy topics).

I've also agreed to publish an article very close to my broken heart on my mother's terrible decline into Alzheimer's disease, but you won't see this until the next May/June issue of Rochester Women's magazine (the mother's day issue).

In addition, this Saturday is my first post as a new blogger for YATOPIA BLOG. This shall be another exciting new venture.

What all this means, however, is that I'm busy writing all sorts of short things. Don't worry, I'll get serious about writing my sequels soon. Very soon.

To my delight, the social maven N. N. Light gave a fabulous review for Dead Girl Running. Read all about that HERE.

I'll keep this short, and get back to work (busy, busy, busy).

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

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