Saturday, June 8, 2013

A tip a day to keep the rejections away

Welcome to my word marathon--26.2 days of writing tips.

Every writer needs inspiration to fuel their creative fire.  Where do you find it?

Play in the rain...
or the snow or the sand

Let a music lyric haunt you...

and speak to your heart

Spend quality time with a keyboard that sings instead of writes...

and let your fingers remember the past

Create as the sun rises...

when you feel the most awake and alive

Or while everyone else sleeps...

and the voices inside your head begin to speak

Gaze upon perfection...

let it calm the disquiet within

Hold tight a cherished book...

and work hard to emulate their greatness

What helps you release your hold on the outside world, allowing you to focus on the imaginary one inside your head?

Use music, art, and literature to inspire you.

Figure out what you need to succeed.

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