Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is definitely going to be my new question at writing get togethers.  I'm not going to ask WHAT other people are writing, but WHY.  I'm sure to hear "I want to be the next Stephanie Meyer!"  But that's okay.  Everybody's gotta have a dream.

But I write for love.  My apologies to all the romance folks out there, but I mean love of sport.  Just for fun, allow me to compare my running with a romance novel.  I'll admit to having a mostly one-sided crush with running.  To be honest, the sport has been a very fickle lover in return.  Like a true heroine, I'm still hoping for a happy ending--which to me means total domination of the 80-plus age bracket at races when I still have a ponytail, except it's grey.

My love for running, reciprocated or not, is why I write articles about the sport.

Running Articles
Man, I love running.  I've loved it ever since I stopped hating it, but hating it came first.  All through high school I hated it.  With a passion.  Called Cross Country "hell in a bucket".

Then I went to college and got TOTALLY STRESSED OUT.  The only thing that calmed me down was running along Lakeshore Path at Univ. of Wisc. Madison. 

Then I dropped out.  But that's another story...

"Wait a minute.  I thought you said you were a veterinarian?"  Let me explain.  I only dropped out for a weekend and switched schools.  My Dad panicked at the thought of me not attending college, even for a semester.  But, SERIOUSLY, someday I'm going to write a non-writing post on figuring out what you want to do before you get to college.  Job shadow, people!  Sheesh!  Otherwise it's all just a waste of time.

So many topics I care about.  So little time to waste.  Better hurry.

I write running articles because:
1) I love running
2) Running doesn't necessarily love me back
3) I hate injuries
4) Injuries love to spend a lot of time with me
5) I want to help others not get hurt like I did running in college
6) I want to inspire other people to run to raise money for cancer research and other noble causes

These ideas seem pretty basic.  I wish I was more exciting tonight.  But I'm sweating a ton because it's so hot and humid out.  And I feel guilty because I slacked on running due to fear of overheating.  So, tonight I also write about running out of guilt.

I was raised Catholic, after all.  Guilt is in my nature. 

More on guilt later...

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