Thursday, June 20, 2013


I started blogging to join a Twitter/online writing contest. 

Then I volunteered at the Med City Marathon.  For three hours I froze my butt off (May in Minnesota--gotta love it), got rained on, and really had to pee.  The event inspired me, not to run a marathon (at least not this year), but to write one instead.

The plan:  I'd blog every day about writing for 26.2 days.  About halfway through, I thought I'd run out of topics, but I just kept going and here we are at the end--almost.

Blogging is weird.  It's like a diary that you want others to read.  Twenty years ago I wouldn't have done this.  I never told anybody anything--so closed off it wasn't good for my mental health.

Now I have the opposite problem--I can't shut up.

I've heard I'm supposed to have a inspirational goal for my blog, kind of like a theme song.
This dead president sums it up in one sentence:

Yes, I write.  Of course I want my books to be published.  I can't live if I don't have goals.

But since I have more in my life than writing, my blog will reflect this.  The writing marathon is over.  Be prepared for any topic to follow.

My hope is that this blog will help others put up a good fight.  If you're having trouble getting an agent, making enough breastmilk to feed your son, or dealing with a miscarriage--I hope my words help you through your struggle. 

Just like C.S. Lewis said:

Hang in there.  The clouds will disappear.

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  1. Now the scary thoughts will come out... woo hoo!! :)