Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Part One

“Till death do us part...”

Fear is a Relative Term By Emma Roberts

Dead people dont scare me. At least, not as much as live ones do. No ghostly apparition could ever intimidate me like the head cheerleader of Saint Katherines High School of Hussies. She even interrupted make out sessions with her jock boyfriend to hurl abuse in my direction.

But that was three years ago. Now I
m a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. High school shouldnt matter anymore.

Like my roommate Chrissy says:
Living in the past gets in the way of the future.

So why do the insults of every bully I ever endured still ring in my ears?

Even though theyre out of my life, I cant get them out of my head. When people tell you youre worthless enough times, you start to believe it.

Thats probably why Im failing all my plans for college: to be popular, have lots of friends, and finally find a boyfriend. Basic things everyone else on campus can do with ease―like making small talk at keg parties―paralyze me with fear.

When the ghosts speak, they dont frighten me. I just dont want anyone else to find out. So I keep my mouth shut. And I stay in my room.

Except tonight my roommate wants me to go to some hot guys cookout instead of spending the evening rereading Anne of Green Gables.

In my dorm room. Where Im safe. Where nothing bad ever happens. Unfortunately, my roommate never takes nofor an answer. 

Looking for more? Over the next few days, I'll post the first three chapters of How to Date Dead Guys on my blog.

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