Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Lauren Conrad forced me to read this book.

I mean, I do everything this woman says.
Just kidding (I mean, have you seen my hair?)

Actually, Lauren rocks this look.
I would not be so fortunate.
I'd probably stab myself with a bobby pin or something.

Here's my required reading,
my homework,
my sworn duty.

All kidding aside, Lauren runs a pretty classy website-
including this lovely book club.

In fact, I owe her a thank-you note for convincing me to read this book.
I've been a little "off" on my YA reading, as of late.

It was SO CUTE!
(cue the Elle Woods voice, which I will be using the rest of this blog)

I loved Lara Jean's voice.
She's charming, flawed, and innocent.
She's trusting and suspicious.
She's in love and in hate at the same time.
She fights with her sisters on a regular basis, but adores and defends them
as any good sister would.
The family dynamic was fabulous--even the details,
such as hiding Girl Scout cookies in the freezer.

Elle Woods would only eat cookies during a break up.

Yes, it's a YA book.
Yes, it's a love triangle.
Yes, it's coming of age.

Yes, there is a hot tub.

For those of you who don't like these things--GET OVER YOURSELVES
and buy some other book instead.
Nobody forced you to read this--except Lauren Conrad, of course.

Personally, I'm glad I took her advice.
I think I'll read every book she suggests.
She's got good taste.

Now, if only she'd feature MY book on her site.
That would be "a dream within a dream".

And if she'd tell me what to do with my hair, that would be cool, too.

Okay, this is an old picture, but it proves that my hair has always been crazy.
My favorite notepad ever said, "How can I control my life, if I can't control my hair?"

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