Sunday, June 21, 2015


Here's my interview with Tyrolin Puxty.
First, we'll ask the non-criminal questions:

1) Since you've hugged one, I'll assume you're an expert on koalas (or at least know more than me). Are they as mean as people say they are? Include a picture if you have one. (Koalas are so cute--and you are too, of course) :)

Oh hun, you need to peruse my photos with glasses on!! But I'll still take that lovely compliment :)
Koalas are so high on eucalyptus, that they're only good for cuddles. Truly. They sleep ALL day. Maybe that's why we think they're mean -- we're simply jealous of them! That, and they have no regard for hygiene; invest in a koala diaper before you hug one!

It's the Kangaroos that are mean. They sit on your porch and glare at you. In some instances, they even ring doorbells and punch you in the face.

2) You've had so many interesting jobs: model, author, singer, actress, etc. How does your experience in one affect the others?

It definitely gives you more confidence because they're all intertwined in some way. Like I tell my students; if you want to sing, you HAVE to act, otherwise the audience can't relate. To be a performer, you need to think about what the audience wants, not what you want. I've always been weird, but never shy. I attribute that to a life onstage, multiple state public speaking competitions and overdosing on caffeine. 

I still hate singing live, though. I'd rather teach. I've been traumatised ever since the music skipped while I was singing the National Anthem live on radio. 

3) Do you hope to continue to pursue all your careers and talents, or do you hope to focus on just one or two?

Singing is more of a hobby and outlet, but writing will always be my passion! Now that I've started my own performing arts school, my priority is now the students. In just two years, I've had 150 students pass through, with one selected to perform in LA this year, and several others accepted into major Australian Performing Arts Schools. Their success means I'm doing my job at least half decently, so if I can continue inspiring them to reach for the stars, while pumping out a book a year, then I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

4) You've met lots of famous people. Who are some of the nicest you've met? (note I don't want to ask about the meanest, because that trashy talk, right?)

Haha this will shock you, but Abby Lee was gorgeous. That hard exterior is just a way of dealing with all the flack she gets! Christopher Lloyd, Nathan Fillion and Billy West were equally as lovely and supportive! 

The Hoff was fifty feet tall, Mini-Me was a laugh, I called Rose McGowan a bitch for rocking every hairdo, Tom Felton was a charmer, Felicia Day was INCREDIBLE (I aspire to be like her!), Steven K Amos was cheeky, Maddie Zieglar was sweet and Jared Padalecki knows how to make you smile! 

Talk about name dropping!! :/ 

5) Tell us something we probably don't know about modeling.

It's awful. Haha. It's not glamorous in the slightest. Lights are blinding, make-up is sticky and you feel super pretentious strutting down the catwalk. And you can't eat chocolate if you want to stay skinny. Sooo...bye-bye modelling. 

Just For Fun
1) What's your favorite movie starring Orlando Bloom? (Yes, I totally enjoyed your "date" discussion on your blog--haha)

LOL. Yeah, it didn't go to plan...! Lord of the Rings and Ned Kelley are my all time favourites! 

***Ann's note: read more about the "date" HERE.***

2) Does Orlando Bloom smell good?

Probably! I have a terrible sense of smell and on top of all the tension, I figured sticking my nose in his armpit wouldn't help!

3) Describe the most embarrassing hairdo or hair day you've ever had. Include a picture if you're truly brave. 

I had a brief stint as a redhead that was so brief, I never snapped a photo. It washed out the very first day. I still mourn that $130.00.

4) If you're willing to share--what was the worst date you ever endured?

Hmm...I've gotta say, I've been pretty lucky! OH. Wait, actually, I'd blocked this date from my memory. Yep, so, there was this guy I'd met through work (he was buying a house and I prepared the contract). My boss was obsessed with finding a boyfriend for me, so he CONVINCED THE GUY TO ASK ME OUT. Humiliating! We went to a winery where we had nothing in common. To make matters worse, I still had to see him for 4 weeks while we sorted out the contract. He ended up scheduling appointments after 5pm so he wouldn't have to see me. Awkward. 

OR (you can choose which one to use, or both if you'd like!)

I went on a date with this super cute guy. Funny, intelligent and geeky. The problem? I found out he was the brother of my ex-boyfriend. What's worse? It was the second time it'd happened to me in two years. Evidently, I have a 'type'. 

5) Please share a picture of your favorite shoes.


Author Questions
1) What event would you call your breakthrough as an author?

When Nathan Fillion asked me to sign a copy of my book! Still reeling from that!

2) What do you know now that you wish you knew much earlier on as an author?

"Cut the fluff!" My editor, John, has taught me so much. There's no need to over describe. Or ramble. The latter is evidently difficult for me!

3) What's the best marketing advice you can give other authors?

Network and don't be shy to try something new and/or risky!

4) Name 5 books you wish you'd written (and not just for the money and fame).

The Giver. The movie didn't do it justice!
Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend... what a great concept!
The Night Circus, because it was beautifully written.
50 Shades of Grey... so I could write it, think "I could do better", bin it and start over!
Time Storm -- it's about real accounts of people skipping through time. How cool would that be to research?? 

5) List 5 books you loved as a child.

Lemony Snicket
Hazel Green
Talking to Dragons
The Giver
Trixie Belden

Actually, they're still my favourites!

***Ann's note: I LOVED Trixie Belden as a kid. I still own over 30 of them.***

LAST QUESTION. Yes, this is the potentially criminal one:

Me: I've heard you STEAL CATS. Care to explain?

Tyrolin: Haha it's not like it's a hobby (yet), but, yes, I have been prone to mistaking my neighbors' cat for my own and catnapping it. The madness begins...

This interview is just the start.
Discover a lot more fun info about Tyrolin Puxty on her WEBSITE.


  1. Tyrolin's take on 50 Shades - now that I'd like to see!

  2. Haha my take on 50 Shades would be pretty much leaving it in the bin!

    1. I've never read it either--but I'm one of the few. :)