Monday, January 4, 2016


Q) Do you own a cat? The Black Cat Blog wants proof (a picture). 
I DID. Her name was Brimstone, but she passed away last year. She was my absolute favorite pet ever. I actually wrote her into my novel Losing Logan.  I used to call her skunk kitty because she loved to lay sprawled out on her back looking like a skunk.

Q) Any New Year's Resolutions you'd care to share with the world?
I'm not huge on resolutions. I'm more a, new year, new chance to make questionable decisions, kinda girl. 

Q) WORST life advice you ever received.
"If someone throws a baby at you, don't catch it." From my mother, when I went traveling across Europe. She was genuinely afraid gypsy women would throw babies at me as a distraction while they robbed me. 

Q) BEST life advice you ever received.
"It's ok to say NO." (Also from my mother.) 

Ann: Maybe it's okay to say NO, just not to Judd Nelson...

Q) Please share a picture of your favorite shoes.

Ann: EXCELLENT choice!

Q) What's your favorite Disney film?
The Emperor's New Groove. Very underrated. 

Q)  What's your favorite writing rule (or rules) that you live by? What rule (or rules) do you hate?
Bwhahaha, rules. That's funny. I don't buy the myth of 'rules'. There's always an exception. I keep seeing 'rules' particularly in writing YA, then just breaking them to see if I can. On day, my publisher will be like, No, Sherry. You've gone too far. But they haven't yet, so...

Q) How do you balance having a family and writing? Time is such a constraint.
I don't think that's really true. Time is valuable. So when things are important, we make time for them. It's just a matter of knowing where your priorities are. My family comes first, hands down. My writing comes second. If that means the house doesn't get vacuumed, or oil doesn't get changed that day, then so be it. The real trick is just remembering that you can't do it all, and not beating yourself up for that. 

Q) What event would you call your breakthrough as an author?
I'll let you know, lol. 

Q) What do you know now that you wish you knew much earlier on as an author?
Nothing. I went into publishing blind and naïve. If I hadn't, if I'd known how hard it would be, I might never have tried. 

Q) What's the best marketing advice you can give other authors?
Build your brand early and spend your money where it counts, on web design and promotion. That will help you more than a million bookmarks ever will. 

Q) What's your take on authors switching genres? (I like it!)
I love it. I'm so scatterbrained, each project I do tends to be vastly different from the last. I mean, I'm coming off my best selling Russian Historical Fiction series, and jumping into techno thriller mysteries. It can make it hard to develop a real core fanbase, but for me personally, it's a sacrifice I make for my own sanity. I can't imagine writing one thing forever. 

Q) Name 5 books you wish you'd written (and not just for the money and fame).
That's impossible, because if I'd written them, they wouldn't be the same books at all.

Ann: Here's more than 5 books Sherry HAS written. :)

Q) If you were to be executed tomorrow, what would you choose as a meal for your last supper?
Filet minion with mashed potatoes and white gravy. I'm a steak and potatoes girl. 

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