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Crimson Frost Books is an independent small press located in Kamloops, BC Canada. Our books are available in electronic format as we are an e-publisher with availability worldwide. We offer print on selected titles as well via our Amazon distributor.

Crimson Frost – Scorching stories that burn up the pages…
Approximate required word count:
* Teasers 5,000 to 15,000 words – These can be stand alone stories or part of a larger work.
* Sizzlers 15,000 – words and up
* Novellas 25,000 – words and up
* Full novels/anthologies – 40,000 words and up

We accept all stories in all sub genres of romance with a heat rating of sensual to erotic. These stories will include complex plots with intense conflicts and emotions, multiple twists and turns on the way to their HEA/HFN. Characters will be three dimensional, believable and unforgettable. Romance is the main focal point of the story, the sex being the icing on the cake. We are looking for original works, stories with a bit of a kick to them. While we do look at previously published works, we do require a letter of rights reversal upon submission.

Crimson Frost Books is looking for sexy stories in all sub genres of romance. We are currently seeking stories with well developed plots, three dimensional characters, and must have either HEA or HFN. We want hot stories that will stay with the reader long after that last page has been turned. However, there are some things we will not accept.

* No fan fiction. It must be an original work.
* Bestiality – shifters are the exception but any sexual activity is to be in ‘human’ form.
* Necrophilia – Vampires, Zombies etc are the exception
* Sexual abuse of minors under the age of 18 in any form, including being exposed to sexual acts. This includes consensual acts by anyone under 18. This includes incest, daddy fantasies, etc.
* Rape for purpose of titillation
* Non-consensual sex or BDSM that results in actual physical damage.
* Golden Showers or any act containing the use of feces.
* Manuscripts featuring individuals subjected to strangulation or suffocation as part of the sex act, whether self-inflicted or otherwise will lead to an automatic refusal
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