Monday, January 25, 2016


Yes, I'm a short girl.
5'2", eyes of blue, you know the rest...
I don't much care for heels, only on occasion.
My fourth grade teacher was short, always wore heels, and I saw that as a sign of weakness. Despite what every action movie might show you, I think that if my life were in danger (for example, being chased by a T-Rex), I couldn't effectively run away wearing heels. I would die. It's only logical. I'd break a shoe or fall.

Let's be realistic here--I'd definitely fall (and then get eaten alive by the hungry T-Rex).
In fact, that's (the falling part) what prompted this blog post.
While innocently vacuuming the floor, I took off my slippers for just a moment, tripped on my PETITE length pants and just about wiped it.
Good grief!

I've been short my whole life.

Always had to sit or stand in the front row, corner position for class pictures. Always had people ask me "How's the weather down there?"
Sitting in many chairs is a bit uncomfortable.

Short people clothing isn't either short enough or else makes me look like a ninety-year-old lady.
(I'm aging fast enough on my own, I don't need help--thanks a lot, Macy's!)

People think short girls want tall boys for genetic breeding purposes.

Really it's to help reach the top cabinet shelves in the kitchen.
Unless you're home alone, of course...

There are even seasonal hazards to being short. Safety when driving can be an issue. Let me give you a hint: buy one of those scrapers with an EXTENDER function--totally awesome and then you don't have to drive around, dunking your head, and looking ridiculous like this:

Of course, I've had tall girls complain to me that I had it so good because ALL the boys were taller than me.
Big whoop-dee-doo.
I didn't care. But who said short girls had to be nice and cute?
I prefer this sentiment:

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