Wednesday, January 6, 2016


What is your name/pen name?
Gage Greenwood

What do you write? Genre?
Horror, usually toward the paranormal/supernatural side.

Tell us about yourself?
I'm someone who has always strived to entertain. I was a stand-up comedian, a manager in a pro-wrestling league, and an unsuccessful actor, but writing is always what I liked the most. My mother was a poet, so writing is in my blood. Speaking of blood, I love all things horror: movies, books, comics, Halloween costumes, ghost hunting. I love it all.

What prompted you to pitch your book in #Pit2Pub? 
I stumbled on it at the right time. I have some writers that I follow, and I saw one of them post a blog about these pitching events on Twitter. I had just finished editing my novel, and thought, Hey, let’s give this a try. I had no idea how well it would work out for me.

 Tell about your #Pit2Pub experience.
I had planned my tweets out days in advance, because I knew I would have a ton of work to do on the day of the event. During #Pit2Pub, I jumped on Twitter, typed the tweet, double-checked it, and got back to work. I didn't worry if it had received any favorites until I finished working. When I went home later that night, I saw I had six favorites. It may not sound like a lot, but considering writers are always struggling to connect with publishers, having six of them asking me to send a sample was a bit jaw dropping. I checked out some of the other tweets and saw many other writers getting the same amount of attention. I was awed. It was cool to see writers and publishers connecting so easily. I'll bet a lot of writers signed their first publishing contracts because of #Pit2pub. I did. Not only that, but I was able to be picky about it. I found a place where my work fits, and with a publisher who works for the writer, making sure the material they produce is not just high quality, but what the writer had envisioned.

Which publisher did you sign with?
Fantasy Works Publishing.

Tell us about your upcoming book.
My novel, "In the Eyes, In the Shadows," is about a man named Jackson, who grows a fascination with death after his father passes away. His morbid curiosity leads him to the body of a teenage suicide victim. Afterwards, her ghost haunts and torments him. Jackson’s curiosities with death may have brought him closer to it than he should have gone, and as he seeks to shake his new companion, he is forced to confront his own past.

When is your book scheduled to be released?
2016. Official release date coming soon.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
To have even just one person say to me, "Hey, man, your book meant a lot to me." Either that, or to eat an entire cookie cake in one sitting. Oh, or to have Stephen King write a blurb about me. Even if King wrote a negative blurb, I'd call everyone and say, "Stephen King knows I exist!"

Parting words for other authors?
Make sure you take some time to think about your pitches. The last thing you want to do is send out a pitch with spelling and grammatical errors. Also, make sure your pitch shows the conflict. Don't waste characters talking about minor plot points. Give them the juicy stuff. 

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