Friday, January 8, 2016


Torquere Press focuses on GLBT romance, exclusively. We publish all the sub-genres of romance -- paranormal, contemporary, western, suspense, etc.. We do require a happy ending, whether that ending is happily ever after or happy for now.
We publish lengths from 3000 words and up. Our pricing structure is based solely on word count. 
All submissions to Torquere Press must adhere to the following guidelines or they will be discarded unread.
All submissions must contain gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters. While works do not need to be graphic, they must contain romance and focus on the interaction between characters. Acceptance preference will be given to stories with fully realized romances and a high level of sensuality.

Length standards:
Novel for paperback contract consideration 60,000 words to 100,000 (due to costs involved, manuscripts over 100,000 words will be considered on a case by case basis for print)
  • Novel - 45,000 words and up
  • Novella - 20-45,000 words
  • Novelette - 10-20,000 words
  • Short Stories - Under 10,000 words (minimum 3000 words). For open calls see our Special Calls page.
We are primarily looking for homoerotic stories in all genres. We are not looking for sex without characterization. Plotty, sensual character-driven novels are our focus. We are currently actively seeking stories in the spectrum of GLBTQU. Characters that are non-binary are welcome as well. We do have some calls that allow het romance as well.
We will not accept stories with pedophilia; incest or those containing rape for titillation or other gratuitous violence. We will not accept stories with bestiality (relationships with animals occurring in natural life not including shapeshifters). Forbidden Love Line has opportunties that may fall outside these guidelines.
We will also reject stories that are clearly a copyright infringement, including any that have been converted from fan fiction or that are based on TV shows, movies, or literary characters. We do accept simultaneous submissions, however we require you to update us if there is any interest in your submission from another publisher or if it is accepted elsewhere. We do accept multiple submissions.


Keep watching the Black Cat Blog and KRISTIN D. VAN RISSEGHEM'S BLOG for more info on the participating publishers.

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